"From big decisions to the door knobs Tannie proved her talent and loyalty by making sure everything was perfect!" says Caroline. Tannie drew their house from the ground up and worked with city planners, bureaucrats and architects to get it perfect says Northender magazine of their home of the month.

Caroline Myrick


"A considerable part of our married life was spent in an old, historic town in New Jersey. Now, having moved near the shore, we wanted an open, airy and comfortable home that would lend itself to a more relaxed way of living.

Tannie Fokakis, a designer at Sutton-Council, is helping us create and complete just the look we wanted. As we had brought several Oriental rugs with us from New Jersey, we asked Tannie to find functional, comfortable pieces of furniture to accent and compliment the rugs. We also asked her to design window treatments that would let in as much natural light as possible.

She has certainly earned our conifidence by offering us sound design guidance while, at the same time, fulfilling our wishes."

Jean DeGaetano, Landfall


"Several months ago I went to Sutton-Council to look for a mirror. What started out as 'just looking' evolved into a pleasant working relationship with interior designer Tannie Fokakis... and totally redecorated living room and dining room for me.

I appreciated Tannie's guidance as we began the makeover from a totally casual to a casually sophisticated decor. A neutral color palate was important to me so in future years accent colors and accessories could be updated.

I really am pleased with the results and wouldn't hesitate to call Tannie again."

Cathy Coleman